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A U.S. Guide to Booking Your First Date with an Independent Escort


Companion/Confidant/Service Provider/SP/Escort: an adult who is hired to spend time with their client

Client/Admirer/Suitor: an adult who invests in a person for their time.

Booking the special companion

You're in search of excitement, companionship, or a travel buddy, yet wish to sidestep the intricacies of traditional dating or the uncertainty of striking up a conversation at a bar. Perhaps you crave an escape from the routine of daily life, free from the emotional attachments that often accompany building relationships.

Hiring a professional companion is an great way to bypass complications.

In order to successfully book a date with an escort you will need to know how to find a legitimate one, conduct research, contact correctly, prepare for the date and finally meet them. This post will guide you through the process.

1. What are you looking for? What do you want?

Establishing clarity regarding your desires before initiating contact with a companion is essential for a fulfilling experience. Take the time to ponder what you truly seek—whether it's a fleeting rendezvous to add excitement to your day, a delightful dinner date to savor moments of connection, or a spirited confidant to accompany you to a thrilling basketball game. Delving into these details not only refines your search criteria but also enhances the likelihood of finding a person who aligns perfectly with your desires.

What's in your pockets

2. What's in your pockets? What's the budget?

When considering booking a SP, it's essential to recognize the diverse range of providers available, each with their own rates and offerings. Before diving in, take a moment to assess your budgetary constraints. Attempting to negotiate rates can be perceived negatively and may compromise your chance at meeting your favorite companion. Most SP charge by the hour and usually the longer the date, the more of a discount you get. Some even offer date packages or monthly arrangements. There's a lot of options but finances dictate what you can and can't have.

3. Where do I find an escort?

My favorite directories and sites to advertise on are Tryst Link, Slixa and Sinsations. Majority of the companions on here are professionals who are verified. Navigating these websites is generally user-friendly, with numerous search filters, such as availability, who they cater to, ethnicity, specialty etc. Upon clicking on a profile, you'll see information on the SP which include their rates, a brief introduction and links to their social media or personal website. Make notes of all this information - it will come in handy for the next few steps.

If you live in a smaller city/town, hop on Google and do a search. Results that appear at the top of the search engine are likely the most popular platforms used by local providers and clients in your area. However, exercise caution, as some websites may harbor scams. To ensure privacy, consider using a private browser like DuckDuckGo or Brave

4. Conducting thorough research on the escort: Is the provider real and legitimate?

A few companions caught your eye - Great! But the work is not yet done and is only beginning. Do not rush to contact the SP. You have some research to do to verify them. A lot of potential suitors love to hop, skip, and jump over this step then later on get discouraged and disappointed. While there's no 100% guarantee, I'm confident enough that following these steps below will significantly reduce your risks of running into a scam.

4.1 Reverse image search with Google

Scammers often resort to stealing images from the internet to deceive potential clients. A reliable method to address this is by conducting a reverse image search on Google. This allows you to identify if the pictures have been stolen, typically revealing the original owners, such as celebrities or influencers. Conversely, if the images are authentic, you'll likely find the service provider featured on other reputable directories, indicating credibility. That's a great sign and brings me to my next point

4.2 Check for an online presence

In most cases, a companion will maintain an online presence across multiple platforms to establish themselves. Social media accounts can offer valuable insights, so focus on their tweets and interactions with other providers rather than solely on follower count. If they have a personal website, even better, as it provides additional information to help you gauge if they'll be a suitable match for you.

4.3 Screening

A professional confidant prioritizes safety and will often screen their clients. This screening process may involve real-world information or references. The SP will typically have a booking form or list screening information required on their ad. Some may only require a video call or will ask you a series of questions and listen to how you respond. Preferred 411 is a website that can be used to give them an idea of your personality and preferences. Screening is for verification purposes. Screening keeps you and the SP safe. Scammers do not screen.

4.4 Reviews

Private Delights and The Erotic Review (often referred to as TER) are a good place to start. You can also just search "(companion name) reviews". Reviews can offer potential admirers some insight to a SP, but it's essential to remember that they only provide an idea. The actual experience can vary because this is a human interaction. Additionally, it's worth noting that many legitimate and established providers prioritize discretion and therefore may not allow reviews.

4.5 Does the companion appear to be investing in their brand ?

I recognize that for others to invest in me, I must first invest in myself and my brand. Established providers invest every year towards advertising, self care, admin work, photoshoots/videoshoots etc. On a site like Eros Guide, a base ad in NYC costs $300+ for a 30 day run. It's a saturated market, an additional investment of around $200+ is often required for premium services to boost visibility. Point is, it's improbable for an SP, who values their reputation in the industry, to jeopardize it to scam you.

4.6 If it's too good to be true.... it probably isn't

Imagine stumbling upon an ad featuring a stunning model-like lady offering her services for $40 per hour, without any deposit required. Tempted by the bargain, you eagerly book an incall. As you arrive at the location, your gut senses something's off, but the allure of the deal keeps you going. You step into the building, only to realize it was a set up to get robbed. It's good to use good judgement so save yourself from uncomfortable situations.

Setting up the appointment

4. How to contact an escort (with examples)

You have heavily researched the companion, now it's finally time to reach out to them! Yay! Now this is the most important part as it determines whether you'll secure the date or not. Avoid vulgar and explicit language when contacting. It would be disheartening to crush on an SP for months then get rejected because of your approach when contacting.

Most confidants will specify how they want to be contacted, this info is likely on their website or directly on their ad. If they require communication through a booking form, take care to complete it thoroughly before submission. If it's through a phone number, your initial contact will have to be a bit more detailed. First impressions are everything, take the time to thoroughly review the ad to determine the preferred method of contact—whether it's through text only, calls only, or both. It's not a good impression to try calling an SP when their ad specifically told you to text only. Companions categorize potential clients into two groups—those genuinely interested and respectful (Potential Admirers) and those looking to waste their time (Timewasters). They meticulously evaluate every message, email, and voicemail during the booking process to gauge your attentiveness to their ad or website.

Example for contacting via Phone number (Text or Call)

" Hello, I'm Ben, I'm 46 years old and work in Tech. I'm interested in booking a 90 minute outcall on July 9th at 4PM in Tampa. I'll be staying at a Marriot near International Plaza. Here is my screening info. I'm flexible on the time. Let me know if you need anything else from me. I can arrange for your transport or can send extra for Uber/Lyft. I'm excited to meet you."

You've contacted the SP now be patient and wait for a response. Avoid spamming with texts, emails and calls. If you don't get a response in 2 days, reach out to a different provider.

5. Preparing to meet the escort

The SP has agreed to meet now it's time to plan for the date. I highly recommend beginners to book an outcall (you host, escort comes to you) appointment. Book a nice hotel, minimum 3 star or higher, these are usually Hilton, Marriot or InterContinental (IHG) properties. Why do I recommend an outcall? Because being in a familiar environment tends to bring comfort and relaxation, easing nerves and enhancing the overall experience.

Meeting the companion
6. The day has arrived: Meeting the escort

Today's the day, it's finally here! You're dream is becoming a reality. Here are a few things to ensure a great experience.

6.1 How to shower correctly

Everyone has a natural scent that the body produces, ranging from subtle to more pronounced. Given the personal nature of human interaction, maintaining a fresh and pleasant aroma is paramount. SPs prefer that you shower at the beginning of the date. Use the water closet first before getting into the shower. No point of showering if you'll get dirty all over again. To shower you will need a body wash/shower gel and a wash cloth/loofah (using your hands isn't enough). Wash from top to bottom. Focus thoroughly on your underarms, groin and butt strip.

6.2 Oral Hygiene

You will need a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, tongue cleaner/scraper (optional) and mouthwash. Start by brushing your teeth, then brush your tongue. Once done floss then use your mouthwash.

6.3 Pay at the beginning of the date

Payment first ensures a seamless experience; avoid putting the companion in the position of having to request it. For our safety and yours, it's best to avoid talking about the donation all together. When meeting in private, put the donation in an envelope where the escort can see it. When meeting in public, be discrete and put the envelope in a gift bag or in a book.

6.4 Consent is hot and respect boundaries

I always ask my suitors if they have anything they are not comfortable with and I will also share my boundaries. Be respectful throughout the date, if your companion tells you "No" respect it and don't push or insist.

7. You did it! Congrats

The date was a success and you made it. Companions want the whole process to go smoothly just as much as you do. When we work together, cooperate and communicate well, everything will go perfectly. I hope this guide assisted you through the booking process.


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