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Discreet Payment Methods

discreet anonymous payment

You've filled out the booking form, settled on a time, but now it's time to confirm with a deposit. Ensuring your meeting remains discreet is crucial. Here are several methods to maintain digital privacy while making the necessary payment.

1. Pre paid cards/Anonymous Payment Apps

Apps like CashApp or Paypal allow you to order prepaid cards (Cash Card) that can be loaded with cash which will be added to your CashApp balance. Below are some steps for using CashApp 1.1. Download and create an account with CashApp

1.2. On the bottom of your screen you should see 5 menu options. Select the second option that looks like a card. Then follow the prompts to order your cash card

discreet anonymous payment

1.3. Now that you have your cash card. Select the first menu option that is shaped like a house/bank. Scroll all the way down till you see "Deposit Paper Money". You should see a map of nearby retailers that accept CashApp. These are usually Walgreens, 7 Eleven, Circle K. Once you arrive at the location, go to checkout and let the cashier know that you want to load a CashApp card then select "Show Barcode". They will scan your barcode and you can load your card. You can load up to $500 per transaction and a maximum of $1000 every 7 days.

discreet anonymous payment

2. Cryptocurrency

The most popular and my favorite cryptocurrency is BTC (Bitcoin). You can purchase Crypto on platforms like Coinbase, CashApp or Venmo. Ask your companion what currency they prefer then pay them accordingly.

3. Gift Cards

These are easily accessible at your closest convenience store. Don't have to sign up for any apps. Just load the card with with cash and that's it. Ask your companion what their favorite stores are beforehand. Amazon, Uber, Airlines or BestBuy are great options.

4. Cash in Mail

If your companion has a virtual mailbox or a business PO box, this is also an excellent option.

5. Cash Meet

If you're booking a 6 hour date or more for a future date, consider a cash meet. Offer to meet the companion at a location of their choice and hand over the donation. If the companion agrees to it. This meet shouldn't take more than 2-3 minutes unless your companion has specified otherwise.


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